Meet the Team

The AMPL team shares an obsession with new technology and a desire to bring peace of mind to life on-the-go.

Michael Patton

Mike leads the team at AMPL Labs. He has a diverse background in product development, sales and marketing and an MBA concentrating in corporate finance. Prior to founding AMPL Labs, he worked at Sony where he led the Television product management team and launched the Global Alliances business development group.

Rafael Calderon

Rafael heads engineering and production at AMPL. He has been delivering innovative new products for more than fifteen years. Prior to AMPL he co-founded D4C Product Development, a product development firm specializing in consumer devices. He also worked as a lead mechanical design engineer at Sony.

Tomoko Nishioka

Tomoko directs product design at AMPL. She has been designing consumer electronics products for over a decade and is the co-founder of D4C Product Development. Prior, she worked for Sony, driving mechanical and hardware integration from concept ideation into production.

Fernando Robert

Fernando provides creative direction to designing AMPL Smartbags. He is is an industrial designer specializing soft goods and the founder of studioFAR, a design house based in San Francisco, CA. Previously he created bags for such brands as Pelican Cases, Aether Apparel, Chrome Bags and The Shrine.

Ken Byers

Ken leads the creation of the AMPL Brand Experience. Previously at Sony for six years, he spearheaded marketing initiatives for their laptops, tablets, smartphones and audio gear. Prior, he led many notable product launches at ad agency, Ogilvy & Mather NY.

Chris Handloser

Chris is building the AMPL online community. An award-winning journalist and former San Diego City Times editor-in-chief, he led teams that designed award-winning newspapers and generated strong online content. Prior, he was Warehouse Manager of Michigan-based outdoors company, Moosejaw Mountaineering.

Ray Stanley

Ray leads product marketing for AMPL. Over the last sixteen years, Ray managed planning, marketing and training for many of Sony’s products in the Television, Audio and Video product categories. Prior, he worked for Alcoa and Micro-Probe as a technical marketing manager.

Justin Nielsen

Justin is the project manager for web, video, e-Commerce and digital marketing initiatives. He drives engineering, software and marketing implementation. Prior to AMPL, Justin worked as a Senior Producer at Sony, managing website and video development for Laptops, Cameras, Tablets, and Audio products.